Wholesale furniture and decor products



All items are pre-packed quantities or in display cartons. For this reason items must be ordered in the pack quantities. Please order in multiple pack quantities indicated e.g. 2, 4, 6 etc. All items are sold as price per individual unit unless indicated as price per set.


Hand made variances - many items are individually hand made. For this reason there may be some natural variances between each piece. Metal Items - Some items are constructed with metal (steel) and tin. These items are not protected with anti-rust treatment and if left unprotected will be subject to the natural forces which produce rust.


Jash Homewares does not give warranty against rusting or natural corrosion on any metal item. Rusting of metal is a normal process and the time taken for natural rust to form on the item will depend on the position, proximity to water and wind, and how the item is treated. The retailer and/or consumer is responsible for any anti-rusting protections the individual wishes to use on metal products.


Colours - Every effort is made to ensure the products are of high quality, meet expectations and represent value for money. However, it is expected that the colour or paint on some items will naturally fade in Australia's strong UV sunlight. Jash Homewares does not warranty against colour fading of any products.

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